My Missionary Commission


I am Called of God. My authority is above that of the kings of the earth. By revelation I have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Master and he has chosen me to represent him. To stand in his place, to say and do what he himself would say and do if he personally were ministering to the very people to whom he has sent me. My voice is his voice, and my acts are his acts; my words are his words, and my doctrine is his doctrine. My commission is to do what he wants done. To say what he wants said. To be a living modern witness in word and deed of the divinity of his great and marvelous latter-day work.
-Elder Bruce R McConkie
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Cardon Monoxide (7/24/2011)

Alright so!! story time!! this week was pretty freaking rough!! So, get my ukulele on monday!! that was pretty freaking sweet! but tuesday came and that just destroyed us!! so we leave at 1130 and start walking around, go to our first time, and that went alright, then all of our times cancel us for the rest of the day at that moment after the first time, almost all at once, so we are like frick, what now, then we decide to go tracting to houses, and we get shut down and shut down, nobody let us in after 3 hours of straight tracting, and nothing!! then somebody called us and said come over!! it was a member thank goodness!! so we go and get that day over with, which totally sucked!! pass out at like 1030 and at about 1130 the carbon monoxide alarm goes off so we stay up til about 1 just watching it cause it teterted on the dangerous and not dangerous, and someone touches it and it goes back to 0 at like 1230 so we stay up til 1 just waiting and it didnt move!! so that day straight up sucked!! then wednesday was alright!!! just a normal day but tore apart from yesterday!!then thursday came and we had burgers at our district meeting and an interview with president!! then friday came and we worked our butt offs, and we went to english and fryer and I taught the people how to play head knees shoulders and toes!! and simon says cause we taught the body parts and that was sooo legit!! so much fun!! and the rest of the days were alright!! not too much stuff happened! just day to day!! sunday we got our area book back and there is soo much work to do!! so we got our days planned for us!! love you guys, be good, keep emailing :)

A short video from Dylan (7/18/2011)

Aight so!! We had a ward activity that day, and I got to take a video of the bus!! It doesnt look that bad in the video but it is way crammed in there!! they get two people on a seat, and add a plank in the middle!! so when someone wants to get off everyone has to get off in the middle if it is packed lol

My new mom (7/18/2011)

MOM: Glad you are staying safe. Why would you go beat up somebody in a foreign country(THIS IS IN RESPONSE TO LAST WEEKS CONVERSATION)?So Elder Fryer is with you and Smith? Glad you like your building. Glad you are keeping it clean.

DYLAN: they almost whacked us with a beer bottle mom lol, but it was all good, my new comp is Elder Sell from Highland Utah!! He is pretty cool, he puts in work so it will be a nice change.

MOM: So how many people emailed you this week? Did your dad email you this week? It is amazing how many people who go to Mada are from Utah!

DYLAN: I always email dad! and you!! some family!! haha no I have no idea how many are from utah lol, but I certainly meet a lot, there is a big black dude from england!!

MOM: Hey there ma boy! So how was day 102? So lots of questions for You.

DYLAN: haha day 102 is sick!! broke triple digits baby!! I haven’t moved areas, I actually have been getting more comfy in the area and all the roads are starting to connect in my head so I’ve been exploring a lot more lately, and with Elder Sell we are actually studying the language and stuff!! It has been sick!! and no cold nose, except Im still sick from last week, so bleh!! it is not that cold, but during the night times I do put on a sweater jacket thing right when we get out of times!! cause it is getting pretty windy, but it is nice!! we have super warm blankets so I throw on a fan and am warm throughout the night!! umm, the Ukulele guy was supposed to be done on monday last week if I remember right, but then moved it to thursday so I said fine, and Im going back today, so it better be done or might just say whatever!! but I doubt Ill say anything, whatever lol, too good for me!! I think I got that letter from you, I think it only took 2 weeks but Im not sure, the one with all the lovely different writing styles in it lol? that one? yea, I got that one!! hey, if you send a package, add hot tamales and MMs please!! especially MMs!! craving chocolate lol, it is terrible!! but we make cookies a lot, and stuff like that!! brownies, malagasy brownies lol, in a stove!! hopefully I’ll put those pictures up soon! hopefully!! I got a usb chord from smith but it only reads not high definition stuff!! if you can send a 8 gig usb too!! Im gona buy a 2 gig today!! because it uploads a lot faster from a USB!! holy cow, just read the rest of the email and goodness gracious!! all that stuff is INSANE!! k, Im going to try and upload a video lol, I think the url is MAYBE that is it!! gona read some emails and reply again!!

MOM:I love how you are using a fan and it is freezing there.  Are you in the same apartment or did you move?

DYLAN: still chilling in the apartment Im in now!! umm..I forgot to send you the week, here it is!!

haha its all good!! just another day, cleaned the house spotless today, my man fryer lives with me now, he is sick, we kind of have the same ideas so we get along pretty well, I got a new comp, his name is sell, he works hard let me tell ya, we got big plans for our area!!  there is like 109 people that went to church and 300 of them are less active so figured Id get to work lol, so that has been alright!! I had a mini missionary, which is like when I don’t have a comp, because he is on his way kind of deal, I get a kid from the ward and he goes around with me, it was SICK!! learned a good deal of malagasy, I got big plans for the future for sure though, been working hard still, becoming fluent in tentana, which is sign language for malagasy, so that is cool, only a few missionarys know it so I can chat with them lol, not much stories this week, BUT I noticed it the other day, after awhile of knowing the language you just know the words so Ive been speaking a lot more lately and it has been coming easier, which is way sick!! love you guys!!

MOM: Who are the two older men in your pictures?

DYLAN: That is Rasolo lol, he is a malagasy, the old man is a counseler!!

Cya next week mom!!

Mormon Ads!

I love these, and especially the Missionary ones. I thought I'd post some for your enjoyment! :D

Typical Email btwix mom and son (7/11/2011)


MOM: Hey.

DYLAN: wassup?

MOM: Just being bored listening to dayna, lilly, Kenneth and Richard going at it. Again. Never any peace here at least when they all get together. Camryon is mad he can't go to allisons house with Kenneth, so he took off  to the school.  How are you doing?

DYLAN:haha something I kind of miss! :P dayna and richard yelling at each other and just keep going haha, jamming out to music with Kenneth and possibly camryon, then just leaving, good stuff :) or talking to you while they yell lol, Im good, sick in the nose, but thats aight, been taking medicine and yea, Got some stories coming your way, some unpleasant, but some good of course :P

MOM:There is always good with the bad. So long as it's not about you getting sent home I am good with it. In fact I was just talking with Kenneth about that and how I want to hear the good and bad stories. That is what makes life interesting. We were talking to Kenneth about turning in his papers.  Said you guys have been talking about that. I told him he needs to stop jerking around and go meet with the bishop. He is just wasting time. Especially if he wants to leave a.s.a.p. Which, speaking of Andrew O'Hara just submitted his mission papers. Can't tell what his emotions are, since he never talks. I have an interesting tidbit. You might not find it interesting but I thought it was funny. Kind of one of those things you have to hear in person. So here goes. So I saw that XXXXX went to the midnight showing of T-3 with your favorite Lady friend. So I was thinking to myself, man how did he get a date with her. Her dad must be out of  town.  Anyways week passed then XXX and I were talking about it.  Don't know why. But XXXX said she heard XXX say "Man, Dylan gets home a whole year before me. That sucks." I thought that was kind of funny.  Anyways. Thought it was a funny tidbit.
Do you need us to send you a cable cord to get those pictures up?  Have you met Elder El-Bakri yet?

DYLAN:oh frick! haha yea, that lady friend has caused my a lot of trouble here, no doubt. but whatever, yea, kenneth and I have been talking!!  Tell him to reply to me!! :D Yea, elder el bakri is in my zone and he is training Elder Maua i, so I see him a good amount!

MOM:So tell me. Who are the missionaries that you have meet. Us moms are so curious to see if our boys have met each other.

DYLAN:haha no, it is the opposite, havent talked to her, and with certain things going on in the mission, makes me think about her, and all the things that happened, everything I realized a few days ago and it is
whatever, and Ive met everybody in Tana (another city in Mada) lol, when we went to ampifi(cool tourist place),  it was a Tana thing and all the people there went to ampifi!! And Elder El-Bakri is way cool, way chill and funny yea, why do you ask?

MOM:I ask about Elder El-bakri, cause I am friends with his mom on Facebook.
DYLAN: ah gotcha!! yea!! Ive seen him a lot everynow and then!! he islegit! I wrote you a super long email!!

WAY good day (7/11/2011)

So, first of, I wanted to share a story about something I Forgot awhile back!! It was one night, we were walking home, and had a WAY good day, just super happy, and said to each other, what if we saw someone get mugged to top the night off!! and that never never happens in Mada!! cause if you steal something, you can get straight killed, so yea!! We turn around and there were no cars on the road, was kind of late, and turned around and see a lil guy getting roughed up by two bigger guys under a super bright light, so we are like that is kind of weird and thought maybe he got mugged, and kept walking, he ran up to us, with SUPER good french, which is a rare thing, and said he got mugged lol, so we are like what the frick, and said lets go beat them up right now!! and he is like nono, we cant and we said yes we definitely can lol, but he said no, he still had his phone and his wallet, weird again, smith said we will walk him home and we said okay, started to walk, and by the way this is right by our house and we both said oh shoot, this definitely doesnt feel right, so we like, we have to go, sorry, and he said no problem, and when he walked away he called somebody, so we thought we were gona get jumped but fryer and smith, fryer can wreck people, were coming up behind us which we didnt know but would have been perfect if they came!

But oh well, next story, this way my last week with smith, depending on who my next companion is, I might get a malagasy mini for the next two days, which will be way interesting, cause I cant really speak, so we will see what happens, we made pancakes and eggs twice, freaking delicious no doubt, tomorrow morning might make cinnamon rolls, way delicious too!!

our house is the best house in the mission, no doubt!! I cleaned the kitchen way good yesterday too, made a bunch of coolaid and stuff, cleaned the oven cause smith was sick yesterday after church, so yea!!

got bored lol, fryer and I started to work out again, and hot dang, started to look better, smith is giving me some protein, so my mornings usually consist of, studying language, scriptures for the days, then working out, shower and getting out of there, usually!!

oh!! terrible story right here, but we justified it, We got invited to a soiree, which is kind of like a dinner appointment but a lil different, this one was way whack!! We have fun, play with the kids and what not, not really a rich family, but all good, then they are bringing food in, smith and I get this WAY nice bread, way good, hot milk, and just us get it, and Im like what the frick, one of the lil girls started crying so we cant say no, but, we were like , manasa, which means your invited to eat, to the kids, and the grandparents said no, so we said no back and said it again, so they said we are making rice for them, so we said oh well, finished and thye still hadnt made food, so I told smith we have to do something for them, I had 5000 ariary in my pocket and said lets do it, which would kind of be a lot to them, i gave it to him during prayer, but the girl had her eyes open lol, so we hid it in ther couch and hopefully they found it, we had to do it, spirit whispered to us :) and well, the nasty part, I got constipated right? had to get it fixed, hadnt pooped for a week, so turned on some music, stuck a bullet up my butt, got about a whole pinky in, was not pleasant at all!! those about the stories of the week I think!! OH!! so fryer and I were on splits, and we chose just a random rode to see what was in there, and mind you, we cant speak malagasy the best yet, or understand, and I saw an investigator who was WAY legit but kept not showing up, so I got to schedule a time with her again :) Tell everyone I said hi!! hope you enjoy it!!

Letters between brothers (7/4/2011)

From Camryon to Dylan:
But Happy 4 Of July! oh guess What I made a new friend name Brandon. We have a lot in common we like to punch thing and we let me punch through his door and I almost broke my hand Lol and I am always bored as ushall. But I don’t know What else to say I guess I will talk to ya l8er Bye
-Your Bro Cammi Which is almost 11

Dylan: haha no worries camryon!! :) just glad to hear from you!! so, Im getting pretty lonely here, no games to play and I walk by SO many video stories, it is ridiculous!! I can get games for SUPER cheap, maybe Ill buy some before I leave and bring them home :D so, how is scouting going?? I heard your going to Germonio?? that place is SWEET!! I remember when Tarek and I went, yea we went together :P Some good times then lol, what are you going to do for your birthday?? make sure you or you get mom to send me pictures for sure aight?! :)
-love ya big man! have fun!

Camryon: Yeah I has been quite some time since I have sent a shoudnt be to lonely I mean you have all your companins.dont give in reset the temptation of video gameslol.but there is no need to get me video games. and guess what I jump of of brother brikerhoffs diving board aka the john dare aka+ the forklift.but yeah I am going to camp
Geronimo and it is going to be fun and I am doing nothing for my birth day just swimming and we had a bad storm and a dust storm I was crazy I went for like 10 minutes but I will right you back see ya your brother from another ummm father yeah brother from another father

Dylan: haha good point good point. true that, and Im trying!! so much stuff to do out here!! haha oh shoot!! was it sick?? is it pretty warm there right now?? IT IS SUPER SUPER Cold here right now!! no sun, and super windy, so just crazy cold!! haha nice ending of the email!! tell me how germonio goes aight??
-peace bruddah

Elder Shaw and Camryon

Geyers, Jules, Ukelele (July 4, 2011)

Doing good still!! We went to Ampifilo yesterday! That was way awesome for awhile!! It is a way sick waterfall about 2 hours away from Tana, and went to some geysers near that! Met a way sickmissionary and got a lot closer to them all! Fryer and I live in the same building now, which is way sick! We used to live with Cryer and Nash but he moved out last week! So some missionaries came and spent the night two nights ago, we had a good ol party, food, cards, just fun! then woke up way early and cruised over to The office and went to ampefi! I gave cryer your email as well cause he wanted to talk to ya! cryer is way cool too!! He might become my mom but we will see :D which would be way sick! Um, this week, went to a few dinner appointments, OH! so an african quorum of the seventy came on sunday, to our ward and I was translating the talks into sign language for jules, the deaf malagasy, or trying to haha, still not mahay, but getting better, and since it was testimony meeting, he is like I want to share, and Im like oh shoot, so I made him write it down so I could read it and it looked like I was watching him sign, and I found out after the meeting he was a auorum of the seventy!! Then later that night he did a fireside, and he talked about developing talents and stuff, and how everyone has the talent to smile, so about a hour later, he is like, what are your talents, everyone shared, then I started thinking bout something, and he called my name, and I m like OH SHOOT! I walk up there, he asks me what I thought my talent was, I said, Well, Im a good smiler, and everyone loved that. so that was interesting! This week has been pretty chill, two days ago I went to go get my ukulele made, and he said he will have it done next week on monday! SO stoked for that! The main piece will be white, the fretboard will be black, the head piece black, and the tuner keys white!! Whoo!! and it cost 7° bucks :) legit! today I have to go give him the rest of the money, but he usually takes 4 weeks to finish it and he will be done with it in 1 week! :D then I can start jamming out when it isnt time to work, which is most the time! Smith had the same idea as me almost! When it is time to work, we work hard! but time to rest is time to rest! And well, other bad new, havent pooped for a week lol, definitely not good! So Im going to ask Sister Donnely for Laxatives, and see how it works out! I think it is all the rice! But we willl see! Everything is still going really good though! Loving it hear, Smith leaves next monday, I MIGHT get a mini missionary which is just some kid in our ward who goes with us til I get another companion but It probably wont happpen, I find out who my next companion is next londay night! And the APs are moving to the house below us!! Which is way sweet!! Still no pictures this week, I promise Ive been taking them, I need to buy a strap for my camera so I wont get it jacked!

then I will TAKE a lot! but kind of sketched cause yea! dont want to loose it haha, sounds like everyone is doing really good! You two endured the hardship and now richard might get another job :P Where is dayna going to live during MCC? Aunt allisons house? thats cool though, at least she is doing something now :) oh shoot!! Telll Aunt Allison I want to go with her to the temple when I get back :D thats good for her though, good to hear kenneth did good! dunno what else to say lol, tell grandma I luv her to bieces! just like that too! good to hear about everyone! Hope you all doing good! love ya! If I think of other stuff, Ill let ya know!!

June 26, 2011

We went to an event last night with some members, err, sorry it was on saturday, AND IT was legit, since (this is my story for the week, not much happened this week, neither of us can think of anything), (but Im going to get my Ukulele today :D and milele or something like that means to make love in Malagasy lol) and since Indepenedacne day in MADA is the biggest holiday in Mada, it was so sick, EVERYONE goes to free events and just partyes all night, we left after a hour but that hour was sooo sick! :) love you mother!
Sorry I dont have much crazy stories, like I said, Smith is leaving, and if he didnt extend he would have left last thursday, but we worked hard this week but not much happened, Ill keep my eyes out this week, dont worry :)
My comps name is Taylor Smith and he is from Cali but his parents moved to Texas half way through his mission, which you bettert not do!!
Well, hope you enjoyed talking, I know I did!! Tell everybody I love them if they freak on me for not writing them which I wrote to everyone who wrote me an such, do the motherly thing I know you do so well :D love you mother, this week should have some stories! love ya!!