My Missionary Commission


I am Called of God. My authority is above that of the kings of the earth. By revelation I have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Master and he has chosen me to represent him. To stand in his place, to say and do what he himself would say and do if he personally were ministering to the very people to whom he has sent me. My voice is his voice, and my acts are his acts; my words are his words, and my doctrine is his doctrine. My commission is to do what he wants done. To say what he wants said. To be a living modern witness in word and deed of the divinity of his great and marvelous latter-day work.
-Elder Bruce R McConkie
If any of you have received any letters or great stories from Dylan and would like to share it, we'd love to have it and post it here. When Dylan is done we are going to make this blog into a book for him. So any contributions are welcome. Just email them to

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OVERDUE (11/26/10)

Okay. This envelope is really coming today. It better come today. After the pain and agony of no mail really has to be here. Well, we set up the camcorder to again stalk the mailman, and then just waited. It wasn't long before Dylan and I were talking about the mailman and Kenneth was like the Mailman is here. No. what! we didn't hear the mailman. so we run to the window and sure enough he is there. We watch, holding our breath to see if he has that most desired envelope in his hands....wait for it...HE DOES!!!! You can't miss that one. (unfortunately, in the video you can) So I tell Dylan, lets go...and the action begins. check out the video if you want a first hand experience and expression on Dylans face. It was priceless. The excited and pulse pounding rush....Here it is. The call to serve a Mission as a representative of the Lord for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. Years of singing the song I hope they call me on a mission has paid off. Where does he go, when does he leave, what language is he learning....Well I can tell you one thing...I cheated...he's going foreign...the postage is $1.73. And a sidebar. as i was checking out the postage I noticed that the packet was mailed November 23, not the 19th as the computer says. So again, just cause the doc says the baby has a due date, they can also be overdue.

Wait a minute Mr. Postman (12/28/10)

So I put my mind to it today and actually got to the postoffice. This is so going to be a struggle for me when Dylan leaves. I can NEVER get to the post office.

So today, we went to Walgreens and got Dylans 15 passport pics. Cut them up and sent them to the Mission President in Madagascar. NOTE TO EVERYONE. To send a letter to Madagascar it is .98 cents. not .44 cents! Good thing I asked the postman.

Went to the bank and deposited Dylan's insurance check to pay for his speeding ticket. Mailed off the speeding ticket. Hopefully I filled that out correctly. Enjoy the money county of Juab!

Mailed of Dylan's passport and visa application to SLC. Sent it certified to make sure it got there. Would hate to have to pay for a replacement.

THE MISSION CALL (11/27/2010)

So the Stake President was right after all. Because of family working on thanksgiving we decided to have our Feast on Saturday. Dylan's best friend was out of town on a cruise this week and Dylan promised him that he would wait for him to come back. We'll Dylan about killed himself waiting the one day, i don't think he could have waited 2 days till Chase came back on Sunday. As it was,after we got the envelope in the mail, we hung it up on the wall above the map, everytime Dylan walked by it he keep looking at it and touching it. Well, Dayna in all her funness, decided to pull a prank on him. since we couldn't give him a fake mission call we decided to change out the envelope in case he broke down in the middle of the night and open it while we were all sleeping. So we took his envelope and hid it, we replaced it with an almost exact duplicate except there was a big blue stripe on the front of the envelope, so we turned it around. A couple of hours later Dylan gave in. took the envelope off the wall and started to open it. He then resisted and put the envelope back down. Not even noticing that it wasn't the real deal, I hurried and put it back on the wall. Well Saturday came, and he couldn't wait till Sunday so he send out the word...HIGH NOON...he was going to open his call. Good thing we were having Thanksgiving at our house, I was able to clean it, and thanks to my wonderful sister Allison, who cleaned all my windows and my floor in the entry. So people started showing up at noon, we ended up waiting till 12:20, as we were trying to get the computer video up, and people on all the cell phones. It was hectic but great! Finally everyone is here and he starts to open "the call" and then he turns it over and is like...what, this isn't it. Where is my real call. It was so funny. Watch the video if you want to see if live. Anyways he thanks everyone for coming and opens it, and is looking, and starts laughing inside his head, and grandma is like..what..i can't hear you! Then he begins to real are called to service in the ANTANANARIVO, MADAGASCAR mission! NO!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS????? That is like winning the lottery ticket. No one in our family gets to go to such a cool place. (Go King Julian) Wow. We were all flabergasted. Wow. Watch the video. It was great. He leaves April 6, 2011. 6 days after his sister turns 18 and right after General Conference. Guess where we are going next year? You got it. General Conference. What an exciting thing to happen. That is only 4 months away. So much to do so little time. Madagascar! Wow.

Saturday Night Adult Meeting (11/13/2010)

This meeting was most awesome. I had to add that. But this post is about Dylan of course. So by now we are thinking that the Stake President had submitted Dylan's papers as Dylan did his part therefor we thought the President did his. So after Stake Conference we are walking out and we meet up with a member of our ward who is a High Councilor and he asked us about Dylan and ordaining him to an elder, and he told us to catch the Bishop and make sure everything was good. And I am like great, oh look, the bishop is right behind you. Too cool. Bishop hits me up and he says, sis thurlow, why don't you go and tell the stake president that the momma bear is wanting to know about the cubs papers. IE...the stake president hasn't turned them in. See the bishop can see on his computer where the mission papers are. i.e. they are in the boys hand, in the bishops hands, or at the stake presidents, in salt lake, or in the mail and on their way back. Well apparently they were still in the hands of the Stake President. Now i have to remember, that we can't rush things, we think we did our part, now all you have to do is to hit the submit button. Well the stake president has to recommend the boy too. and it took me awhile. In fact I am learning that lesson in my calling. We can't rush the counselors or Bishops to do things just because we want them to. All in good time.

Well, I hit up the Stake President after I talked to the Bishop, and the Stake President said he still hadn't turned them in but he promised that he would the next day. He said it would make for a great thanksgiving memory. I am like what. It won't be back that soon. The Stake President just smiled. Then as we are leaving the High councilman we talked to before was still at the door and he said, "if the stake president said he would do it tomorrow, then he will." I believed him. Now we wait.

Melchezidek Training (11/9/2010)

So tonight was Dylan's 1st training meeting. I didn't know they had training. He said it was all about what the priesthood means and what you can and should do with it. Very interesting Dylan said it was him and a pair of twin boys. President Gardner was teaching. Dylan liked President Gardner. I do to. He is really a very humbling man.

Deadline for Real(11/7/2010)

Dylan's deadline is here. Has to have the book read by today. Still in Ether. So the Stake President lets him slide as the Dentist apparently hasn't turned in Dylan's paperwork. He got 1 day reprieve. Lucky Dylan. So all day monday he is reading while I am at the Dentist. Well turns out I have a dentist appointment that day and the great dentist that we have actually let me delivery the exam papers to Bishop. I do, turns out Dylan didn't sign it. How can the boy sign the paper if the paper isn't filled out yet. DOn't get it but ok. Well turns out Dylan never sign the medical exam form either. So Dylan has to go to the bishops house and sign it. Then the bishop took the paperwork to the Stake President, but the Stake president does NOT go to the church building on Mondays. So we had to wait till Tuesday.

As of Monday Dylan still had a bit to read, so him and I sat down in his room and well, Dylan managed to get a head of me reading (because I got sick) and I started where he was and we finished together (reading silently of course). It was way fun. Very exciting. So Dylan called the stake president and told him he was done. I think the Stake President might be sick of Dylan now. I wonder if the old Stake President, who just left for a mission in July, would have gotten a kick out of Dylan and all his texting. This, I am sure, was a lesson for this Stake President. It was all very exciting. So although Dylan didn't technically meet his goal, he still accomplished it and actually got some exciting stuff out of it. I now know that Abinidai is his favorite hero. I still need to get through Alma, but I read everything before and after Alma. I think Captain Moroni is my favorite. A true warrior and if I might say American.


So today was Dylan's deadline to read the book of Mormon, like he told the Bishop. We'll apparently it was a self imposed deadline and that he really didn't have to finish it until Nov 7th when he meet with the Stake President. So the heat is really on he now has 1 week to read the book of mormon. We'll apparently he started a little bit. I agreed to read with him. I never had cover to cover read the book of mormon, and since I was doing it anyways I might as well start over and do it with him. Well he wasn't doing it, so I started to read it myself from the beginning and I kept telling him where I was, and guess what he started reading. I have never realized what an awesome book this is. 2nd Nephi is so awesome!!!

Good Goals! (10/10/10)

So the past month has been very interesting. Almost like walking on eggshells. One doesn't want to push very much but when the decision has been made...well...lets go! So Dylan came home today and said, "moms here's the plan(thanks for including me, son)
A. read the book of mormon by October 31st.
B. Meet with the Stake Presidency on Nov 7th to submit mission papers and have Melcezidek Priesthood Interview
C. Nov 14th be receive the Melcezidek priesthood and be ordained to the office of an elder.


He sure has the ball and is running now. I was so excited to hear this. Dayna was just as surprised too.

Paper work, paper work and more paperwork (12/28/2010)

So today was little exciting. I actually got to do some stuff for Dylan.
*I got his visa paperwork ready and copied.
*His passport and pictures ready to mail and made copies.
*I put all his mission paperwork into sheet protectors and binders. (that is a major plus for me)
*Paid Dylan's really nice speeding ticket (now he doesn't have to fear having a warrant out for him).
*Made our todo list- so he isn't cranky when I have a list of things for him to do in the near future.
*I also filled out his little calendar of when we have to do things.
*I called church Headquarters to get his Line of Authority researched. *Called the temple and made his appointment to go to the Temple on January 8th at 5:30 p.m.
*I called the MTC travel office because they had his name wrong on his visa.
*Called back the MTC travel office to see if they wanted to me mail his visa and passport now or to wait till March 23rd when I get the letter from the police department. (i have now called the MTC 4 times)
*Had Richard fix his passport pictures and uploaded them to Walgreens (he needs to take 15 passport photos with him to Mada for visas. They only give out 90 days visa, so every 3 months the mission has to reapply for him).
*I also got to email and get an email in return from his Mission President assistant.

It has been a very productive day. Now tomorrow lets see if I can get to the mailbox and actually mail all this stuff.


So you know the sayings, birds that flock together stay know something like that. You know the other saying that friends influence that one doesn't work either. Well Dylan just found out that one of his good friends received his mission call to Paris and is reporting to the MTC on April 6th. The same day as Dylan. We also found out that a lady who use to be in our ward, her nephew is serving in the same mission that Dylan is and reports also on April 6th. Then there was this guy from Florida that found us and he also is serving in Madagascar and also reports on the same day as Dylan. Then there is Dylan's best friend Chase who is submitting his papers and also has a chance of being in the MTC at the same time. And then there is Zach who is in our ward and is 2 months younger than Dylan (we have been in this ward for 10 years the same as Zach) and he just needs to hit the submit button and he is ready to go. He also has the same chances as Chase to be in the MTC with Dylan, especially as Dylan will be in the MTC from April 6 to June 1st. This is so amazing to see all these guys who has grown up together, gone to school together are now serving together. I saw my brother do it and is still friends some 18 years later. Friends are amazing. is all I can say.

Passport & Visas (12/27/2010)

Today, Dylan's passport arrived in the mail. It was very quick to get here, I was just thinking to myself earlier in the day, I wonder when it will come, it should be here soon.

Anyways, it arrived today. VERY COOL. I have never seen a real passport, even though my sister and father had one. Its just kind of neat. Dylan's picture isn't the best but it will do also.

So now that the passport is here, the next step to do is to fill out the visa and sent it and dylan's passport to the MTC. But we also need to send a letter from the local police department stating that he has no criminal record. Interesting huh. I wonder how many countries require that. I also thought his Visa has to be mailed to Madagascar. Turns out there is a Madagascar Embassy in California. I do however, need to call the travel department because I don't know if I am suppose to wait and send all this information in when I receive the police record, which has to be no earlier than March 23rd. Yet the visa application has to be to them by April 2nd. Which is when we will be leaving to head to Salt Lake for General Conference and then we are going to do some sight seeing and then drop Dylan off in the MTC. Should be a very exciting weekend. I really need to start making a timetable to do list. There are SOOOO many little things that are now needed to be done.

Missionary Song

Temple Recommend (12/26/2010)

So today was the big day. Dylan went to meet with the Stake President to have his temple recommend interview. I, as his mother was very excited. I couldn't tell if he was excited, but I guess boys are different than girls, and when I think back to my first recommend I can't remember anything about it. Well, the Stake President signed it and Dylan's temple date is January 8th, unless the temple says they are full that day. We are going to try to get into the 5:30 p.m. session. I as a LDS mother is very excited. We try so hard to teach our children that they need to prepare for temple, yet we know it is their choice. They must choose to go to the temple on their own, and then choose to live this lifestly as member of the church. It is a big commitment. It has made me take a step back and reflect on how I am teaching my children about this gospel, and am I teaching my children that living this gospel is a daily choice. We choose to get up everyday and continue to have faith in Jesus Christ and in our Heavenly Father, and to be a member of this church. It makes me happy that one of my children has chosen to take the next step, a step that will take him closer to receiving exaltation.

Temple Recommend Part I (12/25/2010)

So I wondered if I should say anything about this subject as it is very special and should be treated as such. But since part of this purpose is to share in the whole planning and not knowing all the workings of a mission, as the stuff I would say is nothing that isn't on the internet I figured I'd put it in. It's not much but by now you should now that you must meet with the Stake President on Sundays to have a interview for your recommend . Well in our stake you need to send an email to request an appointment with the Stake Presidency, and they only read their mail on Saturday. So I have been quietly urging Dylan to send an email, as two weeks ago the Bishop issued Dylan his recommend,. and this week is Christmas and next week is New Years Day, and the following weekend is when we would like to go to the temple. Anyways short story long. Dylan has an appointment tomorrow to meet with the stake president.
I am excited. I hope Dylan is too. The church now encourages the young men to go to the temple as soon as they receive their call. Dylan has now had his call for 1 month.
I guess I have no patience. When you say jump, I don't ask questions, I just jump. Ready to go.

The Mailman - Acceptance Letter (12/21/10)

I think the mailman is going to be a love hate relationship. We hated him when the call didn't come when we wanted it to. We loved him when he brought the call. Now I hate him because Dylan's acceptance letter has been done for a week and I just couldn't get the letter in the mail. Today I hated him. It took me 20 minutes to stand in line to buy a single .48 cent stamp. We'll today I love him because after I waited in line for that stamp I put that letter in that cold metal chute. Woo Hoo! It's mailed. I can't wait till Dylan's letters come in the mail as he is insistant that he will write with pen and paper. My dollar is on the keyboard and screen. We'll see in 100 days whose right.

Calling the MTC & Speeding (12/21/10)

Okay, so calling the MTC was not really a big deal, but it was totally cool to get to call the MTC, and to speak to them. I called to ask about Dylan's immunization. He needed to have his Hepatitis A shots. Note to self, make sure all my children get this shot. They are a two shot series. So he received his shot on Dec 13 and then needs to second shot on June 13th. Well the paperwork you receive says they need all their immunizations before they get to the MTC, but it also says they can get immunizations there. Well after talking with the Bishop, I called the MTC and said Dylan is to report on April 6th, he needs the second shot on June 13th. The question is should he report on April 6th or wait for the next entry date for his mission which is 6 weeks later. Well the first person and the nurse both said to still report on April 6th, and they will give him his shot (which will cost him $71.00 by the way) as close to his leaving date as possible. I did find out that he will be at the MTC for 8 weeks before heading to Madagascar. So although this isn't a big deal. It is definately a lesson to be learned. Make sure your children receive all immunizations. Dylans reason for not getting the Hep A shot was that it wasn't required as a child and when it became required to enter High School he was a junior and therefor exempt. Dayna on the other hand did need to get it. So even if they don't really need it, get it anyways. It will save some time and the $71.00 Dylan now needs to pay for an shot that insurance would have covered. They won't cover it now because his referring doctor won't be the one administering it. Bummer. But good to know that Dylan will be calling me on Mothers day from the MTC and not from Madagascar where I have to call him.

I also found out from a good friend of mine how to request a "No Criminal Report" from the police department. Apparently, there are some countries who require a letter from your local police department stating that you have no criminal record, before a visa will be issued. Yup, Madagascar and parts of Argentina require this. So if your missionary needs this just head to your local police department and go to the records department and tell them what you needs and they will get it for you. Note: This can't be done sooner than two weeks before you report. Well, at least for Madagascar. Can I say that again....Madagaaaascar! Yup. I like to say it and hear it and read it. What can I say, according to dear husband, I am obsessed with Madagaaaascar. Although I would love to post a picture of this letter, i can't as April 1st is still a bit aways, I can post this picture for your entertainment. Yup, you guessed it. Good thing speeding tickets don't go on your criminal record....if you pay the $115 fine.

It just HAS to be here today(11/24/10)

Man this is a killer, so remember the title "DUE DATE". well waiting for this letter is like waiting for a baby. You know it is coming, all the signs are there, but its just not coming, you want to induce but the doctor says no, you are not ready.It will come when it comes... UGGHH!! The suspense is killing us. So mailman comes...and check out the video.

Hey Mr Postman...(11/23/10)

Well another day of hunting down the mailman. making sure my video camera has enough space. It is a fairly new video camera. So we set up the camera again. Just hoping. Today has to be the day. It doesn't take mail this long from Salt Lake. But it is a large envelope- coming bulk mail. COULD...take this long. But come on!!! The mailman is always here around 2-3. The mailman eventually showed up and we saw no big letter in his hands, oh what a let down.....till tomorrow

Wait a minute Mr. Postman. (11/22/10)

So today is the day. Dylan's mission papers should be here. We got the video camera out and set it up to watch the mailman, in case we missed him. Well we didn't Dylan and I were stalking the mailman. The mailman was like " I special today?" us: "yup, you sure are if you have a large white envelope that is being delivered to that bottom right box." Mailman: "nope. no white envelope" us: oh should be here. Its not like it is Christmas or anything...just Thanksgiving week." Mailman: "well tomorrow and wednesday Charlie will be delivering the mail, maybe he'll be your special delivery man"

Bummer didn't come today. But we got some great video of the conversation, and of course our dissapointment. Richard wasn't disappointed as his bets are that the call will be here on Saturday.

The Due Date (11/21/10)

Okay, so today we were at church and talking with the Bishop and of Course dylans name comes up, and the Bishop tells me that "the papers" have left Salt Lake. WHAT!! So he pulls out his handy dandy IPAD(wish i had one) and shows where Dylan's papers are. Now I must make a disclaimer here- People say you can track exactly where the mission papers are, well you can't really. You can only see what location they are at. So he said Dylan's mission call left Salt Lake on the 19th. Last Friday. That means they should be here tomorrow.(bishop didn't say this though-its my guess) Salt Lake is only like 2 days in the mail. totally excited. So Dylan wasn't being very nice so we were withholding this very exciting news from him. Finally we give in and tell him that his papers should be here tomorrow. Oh man did the lights in his eyes sparkle. Well we have our map up and again stared at the map wondering about all the places he could serve. We are so video taping his trip to the mailbox. Now (SPOILER ALERT) while I was watching mission calls on youtube, one of the guys said if the envelope has more postage that you are going foreign. So don't want to tell Dylan but well see.

Letter from Stake President (12/15/10)

So we have nothing planned today, so we got excited when in the mail today we received a letter to "elder shaw" from our Stake Presidency. Didn't expect it. All very exciting talking about making an appointment for his temple recommend, and when he needed to make an appointment to be set apart and an appointment for his exit interview. Then on the very bottom bottom part of this now non exciting letter is the words that have been floating around in the air as we all try to pretend that we aren't hearing them. And I quote..."there are to be NO mission farewell or open houses." I understand the farewells, they have just gotten to be so out of hand, and the stories you read.. oh mylanta. But come on no goodbye open houses. What a let down to not be able to have all your friends come and wish you good luck as you venture into a new world in the service of your Lord. And I know that, that is why they no longer have the open houses because people don't focus on the reason why you are leaving but more on the fact that you ARE leaving. But right now? Just when my son gets ready to leave. Oh the injustice of choosing to follow the rules. But like a good good friend said, "they haven't said anything about a welcome home party." On a SIDE NOTE, I am so sad that you no longer get to go inside that great learning institution called the MTC. Thanks to the N1H1 breakout as of 2009 they have changed the way you drop off your son or daughter. You drive up to the front of the MTC, a "valet" opens your sons door, dad gets the luggage, mom hugs goodbye, and you are wisked back into your car and your son or daughter are wisked upto the building, and in record speed of 5 mintues or less. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS. I feel so jiped. Maybe because I was never allowed to go with my parents when my older siblings left for a mission and as I never served a mission, I never got to go. NOW was my chance to get that imfamous photo of you and your boy infront of the WW Building. And a picture in front of the Christ picture. ohh longing for the past. I have a plan though. Since he reports on Wednesday, we are going to show up on Tuesday and get our pictures, and then when they try to shew him away I can say he's mine for one more day. I'll let you now in 105 days if that really happens though.

Passport and Acceptance (12/14/10)

Things to do today:
1. Apply for passport
2. Write Acceptance Letter.

Well round 2 of applying for passport. So we heard through the grapevine(knudsens) that the best place to apply for a passport is the Post office on Center Street and Main. The reason for that is all others (except 1 location) you have to make an appointment and this post office is all walk ins.. So we took their advice and headed to this post office. So we pull up and there are ALOT of cars. oh boy, there is going to be a line. Well we head up with our application, original birth certificate(glad i ordered lots when he was a baby because I am now down to one) and his drivers license, and 2 passport pictures. GREAT! No line. Step right up and the man in the blue uniform will be right with you. We'll 30 minutes later we are still waiting for the man in the blue uniform to show up. Interesting side note, while we are waiting a gentleman shows up who needs to get a replacement as he lost his passport in Yuma, and needs to get a replacement asap as he has a dentist appointment in Mexico in two weeks. Had a very nice chat with this man. Turns out he grew up in Mesa, knows alot of Mormons (isn't one mind you), has a great respect for boys who are willing to leave family for 2 years to serve all around the world. Nice man. Back to story, man in blue uniform shows up, give him passport, birth certificate and passport photos. Very smart man, looks at Dylan's information and already deduces that he needs his passport expedited. Anyways checks it all out and the grand total is $196.00 check or money order please. WHAT? State department clearly states that it takes credit and debit. No. So now we need to head to the bank, get a money order from then(they don't charge WF customers a fee for money orders, unlike the post office. Get money order and can pay for the post office $25 fee with a credit/debit card. (how kind of them) Come back to post office and at least the man in the uniform is still there, Pay the fees and watch him put the application in an overnight envelope to head to the state department. Note to reader: money order does not get payable to post office but to the state department. Good thing i didn't fill that out. would of had to go back to the bank. UGH! So 2-3 weeks to wait for that expedited passport.
After the passport we have a few minutes so I decided to take my new missionary to Pomeroys. Getting a little nervous. Now have a reason to go there. Anyways head in to take a gander as we have lots of time(says the salesman). Apparently the number one top quality item to have in Madagascar are good shoes. No chintzing on this one. Get ready for this $110 smack a roonies for a pair of Hush Puppies. Which for this mission the sales person recommends this over the Rockwells. Hush puppies are water resitance and the souls are better attached. (Salesperson had a good friend go the Madagascar and did agree that this mission is very hard on the shoes) WOW $110 and we need 3 pairs. Well after that shock, although glad we went, Dylan tried on a few suits, very cool, my little boy is growing up. Learned a few things about suits and their armpit sweat catching pockets they have. Everyone should at least go to Pomeroys. Just for the experience. Very nice salesman. Home for about 2 years. He also helped with the sticker shock of mission clothing setting you back 1200-1600 depending on where you go. So glad there are options when it comes to clothing. I love my boy but he doesn't need brand new everything. Especially as he is going to a third world country. Dylan did show me on the globe that they have in Pomeroys that Arizona and Madagascar are literally on the opposite sides of the world. If dylan wanted to get away he surely is. Can't get any further than the sweet island of Madagascar and King Julian. (see madagascar disney movie to find out who King Julian is). So after we get home from Pomeroys, Dylan wants to go out before his many interviews with Bishop Walker (we love you Bishop!) Well Dylan needed to write his acceptance letter to the First Presidency, and he still hadn't yet. I assumed the letter was already written and you just had to sign it. NOT. They actually have to write a letter to the First Presidency stating they will accept this mission call. The nerve of those men asking these boys to actually touch a piece of paper and pen and think about writing something. This was really hard for Dylan. Image that, not being able to use his cell phone and text the First Presidency his acceptance letter. I am glad when I found out it wasn't a preformed letter. How many times do you actually write to the First Presidency of the church. I did once. It was very cool. Even cooler to receive a letter back. Well, needless to say. Dylan wrote his letter and took it with him to the Bishop because Bishop needs to sign the letter also. bishop signed it(thanks Bishop!) and next thing i know is Dylan calling and asking about a Temple date. Oh very exciting next step

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO! (12/13/10)

It has been 15 days since we received Dylan's mission call. It has been an exciting first week. Second week Dylan went with his buddy to Salt Lake and had a most exciting time. Not one I would recommend but Dylan had fun. Anyways so here it is Monday and we have a list of things to that his papers said to do IMMEDIATELY. I guess boys don't know the meaning of immediately as it has taken us two weeks to get started. Anyways today first thing on our list was
1. get shot records from Pediatrician.
2. get passport pictures taken
3. apply for passport.
4. write acceptance of call letter.
5. mail acceptance letter.
6. if we have time stop by Pomeroys. (This store has the NY Macy's effect. Its the store to shop at in NYC, if, you have the money. Any store would do but one just has to go there to say they were there)
7. Go to Doctors appointment to get Shots that dylan needs.

Items on list that got accomplished #1,2,6
So that day went something like this. 8:20 time to get up dylan, I am taking the babies to Amandas so we can get some of this stuff done. 8:55 leave for amanda's, Dylan is still in bed. 9:15 get back from dropping kids off at Amanda's, Dylan still in bed. 10:00 we are finally ready to leave. We head to the Pediatrician, get his records transfered, find out that they have no copies of Dylan receive any immunizations. Turns out he had received all his shots in Tucson, before we moved here. I had the only original shot records. Glad I saved it. Nurse suggests we go to county, as I was sure he received some shots there, turns out he didn't. Then she suggests we try the High School as the school is supposedly required to keep records for 5 years. (Nurse Elle says the school isn't required to keep any records, but since Dylan graduated last year she still had his shot records-YAY) Turned out she had the same exact shots recorded that I did. So we head back to the house, Dylan decides he needs to go see Dayna at school. 1 1/2 later back at the house he comes. While he is gone I decide to check out the passport place and times cause i was sure they closed at 2 and we were pushing time. Turns out none of the Passport/Post office Locations are open. They are all closed at 2. bummer! Rushed for nothing. Well we head to Walgreens to get passport pictures. i should have taken a picture but Dylan is wearing his tie and suit jacket with shorts one. Funniest thing around. We wait for 20 minutes just to get the picture taken. Note to self- stay away from walgreens right before all the kids get let out of school, all the moms are picking up pictures, doesn't help that it is christmas and everyone is picking up Family Christmas Pictures. Anyways we finally take the pictures, they are horrible but i guess they will work. It gets the job done. Note to everyone out there. Passport pictures are 2 for $9.99. If you have the pictures taken at the Post office they are $15.00. So we head off to the doctors get there, talk to the doctor about why we are there, Any the doctor wonders why anyone would go to Madagascar. Then ah hah! the light goes on in his must be mormon! that we are. Anyways fun part of the appointment is Dylan got 4 shots. Typhoid, DTap booster, Menengitis, and Hep A. The bad part is that the sec

ond dose of Hep A has to be given exactly 6 months from now. MTC paperwork says he needs all his shots before he enters, but then it says you can get shots there. But if he is only in the MTC for 6 weeks then he will leave the country and can't get them. OR he stays in the MTC for 3 months and will then be able to get the shots before he leaves. So question is- who do I call to ask about this? this part to be continued. Dylan did great getting his shots. 2 in each arm. A small sacrifice for the Lord.

The time has come...(9/26/2010)

Well it's been a long road since May when Dylan graudated high school. He had quite and exciting summer, went to California a few times, had a girlfriend, got a job. And even got a motorcycle. By the end of summer. Job was gone, motorcylce was gone and the girlfriend was gone. Also gone was Dylan's desire to serve a mission, only problem was he didn't know how to tell his mom and grandma. We'll something happened between September and October and Dylan had a change of heart. One day he came to me and said, "mom, are my mission papers all done?" In my head I am saying wow and my mouth is saying, everything is done except for filling out the personal information. "OK" says Dylan. The next few weeks were interesting as Dylan was always dissappearing. Turns out he was meeting with the Bishop to go on a mission. Throughout these whole 3 weeks or so he had decided to go on a mission and yet never tell me that he had decided to go. Sometimes its a nice thing to hear the words from your child's mouth..."mom I have meet with the bishop and am planning on serving a mission". With Dylan it was more like "mom why else do you think I am meeting with the bishop?" Boys at this age must think we moms can still read their minds.