My Missionary Commission


I am Called of God. My authority is above that of the kings of the earth. By revelation I have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Master and he has chosen me to represent him. To stand in his place, to say and do what he himself would say and do if he personally were ministering to the very people to whom he has sent me. My voice is his voice, and my acts are his acts; my words are his words, and my doctrine is his doctrine. My commission is to do what he wants done. To say what he wants said. To be a living modern witness in word and deed of the divinity of his great and marvelous latter-day work.
-Elder Bruce R McConkie
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Last MTC E-Mail Ever! (5/31/2011)


MOM: So it is Tuesday today. Less than a week to go I hope. So yesterday we were making our grocery list and Richard said he’s depressed- because you weren’t there to eat the food he makes. He makes so much and doesn’t know how to make little batches. I think we need to keep a tally of how many times Richard laments about how much he misses you. I think he is already up to five with yesterdays missing you. Well I think you are going to get lucky and end up getting two priority mail packages. I just keep putting off sending the one that I have- I am just going to mail it and send the other stuff with another package. Especially since they take only like two days to get to you. Plus your glasses haven’t come back. Anyways questions for you. Oh, your envelope has pictures in it as well.

DYLAN: . I didn't really want to send my SD card back home. So I developed some pictures and sent them out. I can't really think of anything I want, I found out another way to get on email, so If I think of anything I'll jump on tomorrow for a secs and ask you, but like I said, I doubt I'll want anything. I just want to get out of this place already. All the candy is still here too haha, gonna stick them in my backpack I'm thinking. nah, not sending anything home. I packed what I needed :) chase told me where he is going, gona give him a call along with some other people :D! haha nice story, we have taught a malagasy lady (that came from mada 10 months ago) and holy cow does she talk fast, but for the most part, if I knew the words she was saying I could know it, but if I didn't the whole sentence was a blur! Get on the computer quickly!

DYLAN: I'm gona log off for about 10 minutes, hopefully your back!

DYLAN: hahahahaha, tell him I told you I eat his food. Cause apparently noone does remember? ;) I got my travel plans and you should be getting a big ol' letter in the mail either today or tomorrow I'm thinking cause I mailed it on Saturday if I remember right. It is like 10 pages of the lil' ones :D! But I wrote a big ol' extensive thing of my flight plans so don't worry. Better hurry and send it cause last time one package took quite awhile. I'm a quick reader mother, you should know that :P, so it doesn't take me too long to read your emails, plus I reply while I read sometimes.

MOM: I will make sure I send the next package like 2 day or overnight. Just to make sure it gets to you before Saturday. Don’t forget yesterday was a holiday so no mail.

DYLAN: I didn't, that is why I said wednesday/today/thursday :), OH! Will you send me a picture of pyper, like an actual developped photo of that! I want a colored one, the printer doesn't do color =/

DYLAN: I'm gona call you :o! oh! I can buy a calling card in the bookstore, but not international cards!

DYLAN: I've also gained 12 pounds, ridiclous! How is the family doing?

MOM: Sweet you will need the gained weight. Did you read my one dear elder letter that talks about what you guys will go through when you get there. you will need all the pounds you can get. Did you eat all the candy that I sent last week.

DYLAN: nah! I don't need the weight!! I've been jumpropping so once I loose those 10/15 pounds I'll be abel to jump so high! :D Did you ever get abel's email address? I'm not sure on that dear elder, but we get them aroudn 2 ish.

DYLAN:chase is going to cali! Disneyland! :D! Tell Kenneth I'm going to call him too please!! so be ready!

MOM: Who told you where chase was going?

DYLAN: Chase told me through dearelder last week. ha! I'll be like 115 by the time I get back. I'm gona make sure I get a before and after picture, don't worry :)

Time is up, love you mother!! maybe I'll get another minute.

Go read my first letter I sent you, it has a lot of info in it :D! plus the letter you will be getting love you!

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