My Missionary Commission


I am Called of God. My authority is above that of the kings of the earth. By revelation I have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Master and he has chosen me to represent him. To stand in his place, to say and do what he himself would say and do if he personally were ministering to the very people to whom he has sent me. My voice is his voice, and my acts are his acts; my words are his words, and my doctrine is his doctrine. My commission is to do what he wants done. To say what he wants said. To be a living modern witness in word and deed of the divinity of his great and marvelous latter-day work.
-Elder Bruce R McConkie
If any of you have received any letters or great stories from Dylan and would like to share it, we'd love to have it and post it here. When Dylan is done we are going to make this blog into a book for him. So any contributions are welcome. Just email them to

Feel free to make comments as they are automatically emailed to Dylan. He would love to hear from you. Even if it is a small comment.

Dylan's Photo Album- check back on Mondays when he (hopefully) uploads more each week.

P-Days got Changed & Email conversation (4/26/2011)

Start from the bottom and read up. Dylan is in read and I am in yellow.  Just made my next few days!!! Even though I couldn't hear his voice. I could in my head. This was FUN!!! Typing against the clock.

Goodness, love you too mother!! I'm out of tmie in 10 seconds, love you very much, stay strong, and I loved it, brigthened my day more than the sun can. Tia anao aho, Mila anao aho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is

Ahhh I cant think of anything to say anymore. But love you. Hope you like the pack. D is excited to be coming tomorrow. Love you

hahaha oh shoot, dayna with braces, I better get pictures :) Her phone number is 602314xxxx right??

haha it is a secret among namana (friends :)) I gotchu, families are forever and most important :D!

Glad to hear you can call. I’d like to know how oyou can text without a phone. Don’t get in trouble  I may not be watching but the Lord is.

Thank you for the phone number <3 Love you. How is everything? Did Dayna still not have a phone?

Mother's day is a for sure yes. And Christmas if I remember right. If I can't call you, I'll text you on mother's day.

Ya I will get it somehow. Do you know if you get to call on mothers day? Everything good at home. Always thinking about you. Send you a long letter on Monday. Come on…stay up with everyone and become a shutter bug.

Will you also send me Dad's phone number?

haha got the package yesterday, sent your letter out, no pictures for a smig, send a letter back real quickly, you know what Kenneth and I alwasy said mother, no catching us, no trouble ;) haha I only kid half way, promise :) everything good ath ome?

You just be the good boy you are suppose to be don’t go getting in trouble. Patience is a virtue and I can wait, except for the pictures. I am not going to stop hounding you until I get some. And I only chastise a little. Let me know when you get my package. MOM

haha no worries mom, I alwasy have ways of contacting you throughout the week, now, I probably won't do them cause you will chastize me but if you want I still can, I have 14 minutes left, I keep loggin on and off so maybe i'll be able to check it again during the day!!

So unfair!!! I feel jipped now. Guess I will have to be patient now. Have a great day!

Hey mohter, P-day got changed to Tuesday. Hope everything is going good, I wrote you back and sent it this morning, so you should have it by Firday/saturday I'm hoping. Love you!!

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